Enabling Privacy Mode

Enabling Privacy Mode

The purpose of privacy mode is to block access to your camera streams to any administrators that might access your account. This may be Eagle Eye Employees, or members of your Eagle Eye Reseller. This is a popular feature for banks and schools, where they do want administrative help but they have privacy or legal concerns surrounding who can view the actual footage.


In order to enable Privacy Mode, the Reseller or an Eagle Eye employee must enable the feature from the master account dashboard. From a Master Account login, click on the Settings Icon next to the Sub Account that wishes to have Privacy.


Then go to access, and check the box for Enable Privacy as shown below.



At this point, the end users will now be able to enable privacy in their account settings as shown below.


Once this is complete, any Reseller Administrator or Eagle Eye Employee that logs in will only see a warning that the camera is private, as shown below:


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