Camera Locked- Illegal Login Lock and other settings

  1. When you first configure the camera, a password must be created in order to access any functionality. This password should be documented and distributed as needed.

  2. Log in to the camera and go to the Configuration tab across the top, and then click on Advanced Settings.
    a. Click on Security on the left and then click on the Security Settings tab - It may also be listed as Security Services. Once there, click on the checkbox to remove the Illegal Login Lock. Hit Save in the lower right. You should see a message that says "Save Successful" when complete. If the illegal login lock is enabled the device will be locked if you input the incorrect username or password 5 continuous times. This will help you avoid this issue. The screenshot below should help with locating this setting.
    b. Click on Image on the left, and then click on OSD Settings. Take the check out of Display Date and also Display Name. It may be worded slightly differently, but it is the first two check boxes on this tab. This removes the display of the date and time on the camera, as well as the name. These are unnecessary and cause clutter on the display. Once complete, click Save in the lower right, and once again, you should see a message that states "Save Successful".
    c. Click on Network on the left. Once there a checkbox that states Enable DHCP will be on this tab. Click that and click save. This will cause the camera to reboot, and you may move on to the next camera.


After a few minutes, the camera will appear on the dashboard with a valid IP address and you may add it as normal.


On the dashboard, I would also click your name in the upper right, and then click Account settings. Once there, click the Cameras tab. Enter the username and password that you configured for the cameras, and then click Add. Once done, click Save Changes. This will save you some effort as you would not need to enter the password at the camera level under the camera settings tab. If you have already connected the camera and it is locked out, power down the camera until you have the correct password saved in your account settings.  Plug the camera back in and the bridge should be able to communicate with the camera.


The path to disable this setting is, Configuration->Advanced configuration->Security->enable illegal login lock (This should be unchecked.) 


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