Supporting HD Analog formats

Currently we support the Hikvision HD Analog TVI format when connected to a supported Hikvision encoder or DVR.

Since its introduction, several proprietary HD Analog formats have emerged, including: HD-SDI, AHD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI.

At this time, due to the proprietary nature of the formats listed above, Eagle Eye is not able to support this type of video. The underlying technical issue is that we do not have access to the oversampling formats that are used, and therefore cannot support the integration of these formats with our system.

Some of these cameras have the option to switch to an SD, or standard definition, format. If this mode is available, we can usually support that resolution.

If you do not see the camera formats as available on our compatibility chart , please contact our technical support department at +1 (512) 437-0501 so we can confirm support for that camera model.

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