How to request support for new camera models

At Eagle Eye Networks we try to support as many different makes and models of cameras as we can. We use the ONVIF Profile S interface to interact with the camera.

Our current list of supported cameras can be found here.

It’s always best to review this list before purchasing cameras for your Eagle Eye system.

If you connect a camera that is not currently supported, we may be able to add support for it remotely. Non-supported cameras still show up in the Eagle Eye Dashboard, but they will have the text “this camera is not supported” after the name, and the “+” icon is replaced with an envelope icon.

Eagle Eye Networks Add Camera Screen

The first step to get this make/model of camera supported is to simply click on the envelope icon and submit a camera support request.

Once you click on the envelope, a form will pop up with the information that we can get from the camera (i.e. Make, Model, IP address.) You will need to provide some additional information such as your contact information as well as the id/password for the camera.

Eagle Eye Networks Camera Support Request Form

Once you submit the form, be sure to leave the camera connected to the bridge so our engineering team can access the camera and build the driver. The current turn around time for a camera support request is approximately 2-5 weeks, if there are no external factors.

During this process we may contact you to verify the information, ask if it’s ok to update the firmware on the camera or for other reasons that come up.   Once we have built the driver we will contact you to let you know that the new camera model is supported.

As always if you have questions about this process you can submit a support request and one of our support staff members will be happy to assist you.

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