Creating and Editing Layouts

To create layouts make sure “Layouts” is highlighted on the Dashboard.


Click on “Create a Layout” on the right side.

This will bring up the available cameras that you can add to the layout.

Click on the small box on the left side of each camera to choose which camera you would like to add.

You can also filter the cameras by their names or the “tags” that have been assigned to them. Once you choose the cameras that you want to add make sure to click on “Add Cameras” option.

This will create the Layout.

Once you have it made we can start making changes.

At the top you can see “New Layout” drop-down option. Click on that then click on “Settings”


Here you can change the aspect ratio of the cameras selected, the name of the layout, the number of cameras you would like to have per row in the layout, if you would like the names of the cameras, if you would like borders, or you can create a custom id for the layout. Make sure you save the changes.


To edit the appearance of the layout click on the drop-down option for your newly named layout.


From here you can rearrange the cameras by clicking and dragging till you have the setup you want. You can also delete cameras from here by clicking on the red “x”. Make sure to save the changes.


At any point you can delete the layout you created or make a new one with the “New Layout” or “Delete” option.

Make sure that you have the correct layout selected before you delete it.


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