Fixing Playback issues in Microsoft browsers (IE 11 and Edge)

As we currently only support the 2 most recent versions of any browser, this document will only cover Internet Explorer 11 and the current release of Microsoft Edge. If you are using an older version than this, please update your browser to one of the supported versions. If your version of Microsoft Windows does not support Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge, please use the newest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead.


First thing is to confirm that you have Adobe Flash Player correctly installed and that it is the newest version. You can test the Flash functionality at The most recent version is If you are not sure about which version you are using, please go to and download the newest version. Be aware that there may be limitations on your ability to install software as dictated by your network policies and you may need assistance to do this. When you are selecting your download, also check the middle column for special offers that may be included, and deselect the ones you do not want to have installed.


Once you have removed the items that you do not need, click the large “Install Now” button at the bottom right. Your page may look slightly different.


Once this is done, and it is completely installed, go back to the testing link above and confirm again. When this is run on either of these Microsoft browsers you should see a short animation confirming it is installed.


Due to fact that the browsers have a very different look and feel, I will focus on each one separately.


Internet Explorer 11:


Click on the gear icon near the upper right, and select Internet Options.




Once that is open, click on the Programs tab, and then click on the Manage Add-ons button near the middle of that window as highlighted below.


Once you are on the next screen, you may see entries labeled as Shockwave ActiveX Control or Shockwave Flash Object in the list. Right click on the items and select Enable.


Ensure that you do this for both Shockwave items. Try reloading the page, and then try viewing the item once again and enjoy.

Microsoft Edge:


If you have done the items list above and Flash Player is installed and you are still having issues, try the methods below:

First, near the upper right click on the three dots and select Settings.


The next item will appear in the same spot, but you will need to scroll down to get the the button for View Advanced Settings



Once you have clicked on that button, all you need to do is ensure that the “Use Adobe Flash player option is set to enabled. You can see this by noticing that it has a bright color similar to the image below.



Once that is done, enjoy your Flash items.

If you are still having issues with Flash in either of these browsers, you can try the page in a different browser such as Chrome. If you are still having issues, please feel free to reach out to us at, or at (512) 473-0501.

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