How to resolve playback issues in Chrome

This assumes that Adobe Flash Player is installed correctly and you can view Flash content elsewhere. If this is not the case, please ensure you have the newest version of the Adobe Flash player, and that your browser is also up to date as well.

If you are experiencing any issues in Chrome, you should first go to Chrome settings, Advanced, and disable "Use hardware acceleration when available". If you are having one of the issues below, following the steps outlined should resolve the issue. This should actually be easily adapted to any website that may have this error.


1. Error message stating "No Playable Sources Found"


Click on the word "Secure" to the left of the address bar. That will give you the menu below. On the entry labeled Flash, ensure that it is set to Allow as shown below.



It may also be necessary to manually configure this. To do so, go to chrome://settings/content/flash in the address bar and then click on the "ADD" and enter [*.] and save the change. 



2. If the issue is in the Historical Browser: when pressing the play button, the loading circle never stops loading.

You may also see the plugin error in the top right of the browser.



3. Distorted playback, or black screen without an error message


If during historical or live playback you have a distorted or pixelated image, or if the playback is showing an unusual screen without an error message you may need to disable hardware acceleration in the browser.

Log into
Find camera either under Cameras or Layouts
Open history viewer (click little clock on top right-hand corner) or click on preview image to start live playback
Once video starts playing, right click inside the video image and select settings
Under the Adobe Flash Player Settings, uncheck Enable hardware acceleration


If this did not resolve the issue, you may need to reinstall Flash player or do further troubleshooting. Please see Adobe's support pages, starting with Adobe installation issues which does have quite a few resources. 


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